Punisher Pattern BilletVault EDC Wallet


The badass BilletVault Aluminum Everyday Carry Wallet has been minimally machined from two pieces of solid billet aluminum. Carry only what you need, with its size easily adjusting from your daily ID and bank card, to up to fifteen cards for traveling or networking events.

With a money clip included for carrying your currency, it's a convenient carryall no matter what you want with you. Can also be used as an emergency Bottle Opener. The designs are engraved into the anodizing using a laser engraver.

The lightweight 81-gram construction of this wallet lends itself to utter comfort. The slim front pocket profile helps alleviate lower back pain, while the tough construction also keeps your information secure by blocking RFID devices used to wirelessly steal your identity or credit card information. You're sure to be safe as well as stylish with the beautiful BilletVault Aluminum Wallet.

Product dimensions are 2 3/8 x 3 1/2 x 1/4 completely empty.  This wallet will never wear out.  If you want a custom design, CLICK HERE.

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