American Flag Small EDC Wallet


Get the Everyday Carry Aluminum Wallet that will never wear out! Precision machined from two pieces of solid aerospace grade billet aluminum, our wallets are equally strong and functional. Each wallet holds up to 15 cards and includes a removable stainless steel money clip.

The Front Pocket Solution
Weighing in at just 81 grams, our wallets are comfortable for front pocket storage. Add to this a slim profile of just 1/4" and you'll wonder why you didn't give up that old bulky back pocket wallet sooner.

Expands To Fit Your Needs
Our wallets feature unique expansion bands that allow you to securely carry 1 to 15 cards. We also include extra set of bands incase you should ever wear them out. (Yep, we thought of everything!)

Stainless Steel Money Clip
Sometimes you need it, other times you don't — we get it. That's why our stainless steel money clip is included, yet easily removable. 

RFID Blocking Construction
Superior to traditional wallets, our billet wallets are impervious to digital thieves who attempt to wirelessly scan your pockets and steal your private bank data. 

Anodized Coloring
No surface painting here, all of our colored wallets feature high quality anodizing for a lasting appearance that won't flake or chip. 

Product Dimensions
2 3/8" length x 3 1/2" width x 1/4" thickness 

Want a custom design? We can do it! CLICK HERE to order.

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